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Helping shoppers find products & services from local businesses

In October 2019 we shut down the service. Thank you to everyone who came along on the journey with us to empower small retailers. The source code will be released in November 2020.

How it works

One Account, three Profiles

Looking for the best deals?


Search for products and services from local stores that are on marketPeek.

Do you manage a store?

Create a mobile presence for your physical store for free!


Pick and promote the products  and services that you sell.

Are you a Brand Manager?


Add your branded products and services for free!


Contol which stores pick your products and Services.

What Products & Services are in the marketPeek Database?

To get the ball rolling we suggest starting with a list of generic food Products & Services.


But what about my Branded Products & Services?

Product Managers can also add their Branded Products & Services to the marketPeek database so that they can be picked by Merchants & Retailers, and found by shoppers.


As more Branded Products & Services get added to the marketPeek database Merchants & Retailers can replace the generic items from their Inventory, Menu, and Service Lists with the Branded Products & Services that they sell.


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