What is marketPeek?

With the standard Personal Profile you can search for products & services through the app. We can tell you which local stores on marketPeek have what you want

Hyper-Local Search



 Looking for milk? All you have to do is search for it on the marketPeek app and we will show you the price and availability from local stores on marketPeek. 


We help Shoppers find products & services locally by providing local stores an easy way to get an online presence for their business.


When local Retailers & Merchants sign up and pick what they sell from our Product & Service database we share their Inventories, Menu's, and Services with local Shoppers.




Smart Shopping List


Found a Deal? Simply add Products & Services you want to your smart shopping list.


All the items added are linked to a store. You can easily compare prices, availability and then replace your items from stores that offer you the best value.


No more searching through flyers, the smart shopping list helps you find the best deals!


Found a store you like? Add them to your favorite stores list.


Now you can easily Peek in and find out what's new. Keep tabs on prices and product availability.


If you want more information, just send them a message!

Interact with your Favorite Stores
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